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All-Ohio Medical School Opioid Use Disorder Collaborative Curriculum

Funded by Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services

B7. Session Overview - Ethical issues in OUD treatment

A self-directed learning module with pre/post-test focused on ethics of opioid use disorder.

Instructional Strategy: Online module, 30 minutes

Learning Objectives

  1. Integrate knowledge of the epidemiology of the opioid epidemic in Ohio with an understanding of the ethical and social duties of the physician and healthcare provider. 
  2. Compare the “neurobiological/disease” model of addiction with that of the “behavioral model,” and the ethical implications of each. 
  3. Identify, in the context of the opioid epidemic, the “four goods” of the patient that the healthcare provider has traditionally been ethically obligated to address. 
  4. Describe the primary and secondary ethical duties of the physician or healthcare provider with respect to patient care in the context of opioid addiction. 
  5. Elucidate the basic components and definition of authentic social justice and its application to the opioid addicted person and family. 

Authors: Ashley Fernandes, PhD, MD, Director for all modules: Kristen Rundell, MD

School: Ohio State University

Curriculum Template - Ethical issues in OUD treatment_6-19-2019