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Student Resources

Essential tools and resources COM, COP and COGS students.

Medical and Pharmacy Textbooks Fall 2021

Population Health
Cardio, Pulmonary & Respiratory
Integrated Care Exercise
Introduction to Clinical Skills; Patient, Physician & Community I & II
Flora, Pathogens & Defense
Recommended Texts for M1s -- Not Assigned for Any Courses
Human Architecture & Composition
Required Texts
Recommended Texts
Clerkships - Required Text
Family Medicine Clerkship - Required Text
Internal Medicine Clerkship - Required Text
Obstetrics & Gynecology Clerkship - Required Text
Pediatrics Clerkship - Required Text
Psychiatry Clerkship - Required Text
Surgery Clerkship - Required Text
Professional Development
Physiology and Pathophysiology (HAPP)
Pharmacy Skills 1
Evidence Based Medicine 1
Experiential Education 1
Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences
Healthcare Delivery System
PE: Advanced Pharma. Compounding - Recommended Text
Pers/Profess Development
PE: Personal Finance - Required Text
Pharmacy Skills 3
Pharmacy Skills 4
Pharm Practice Management 1
Experiential Education 3
PE-Evidince Based Decision Making
Pharmacy Law and Ethics - Required Text
PE - Topics in Chemical Dependence
PE - Pharmacy Residency Prep
PE- Advanced Pham. Compound. - Recommended Text
Personal & Professional Development
PE- Personal Finance - Required Text
Pharmacy Skills 6
PE-Evid. Based Decision Making
PE-Emergency Management & Critical Care
PE- Inter Mgnt of Palliative Care
PE-Veterinary Pharmacy
Pharm Practice Management 2

Textbooks & Ebooks

If you like print textbooks, most required and recommended textbooks are kept on reserve in the library. You can check them out at the help desk.  

Other textbooks are in our ebook collections listed below.  Check with the library before you buy to ensure we don't have access to your textbook.

Listed below are the library's ebook collections and our catalogs with instructions for limiting your search to ebooks.