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All-Ohio Medical School Opioid Use Disorder Collaborative Curriculum

Funded by Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services

A1. Session Overview - Inclusion of information on pain as multidimensional

This session introduces learners to the nature of pain and its etiologies and classifications. Pain is defined and contextualized into categories with examples of causative conditions. The biopsychosocial approach to pain management is emphasized over unidimensional approaches for a more complex understanding of the multidimensional nature of pain. Components of psychological/emotional pain in relation to chronic pain syndromes is addressed and both logico-scientific and narrative approaches are reviewed.

Instructional Strategy: Lecture/Discussion, 1 hour

Learning Objectives

  1. Define pain 

  2. Subcategorize types of pain and pain syndromes 

  3. Recognize clinical conditions which cause pain 

  4. Contrast unidimensional to multidimensional approaches to pain management 

  5. Explain the benefits of a multidimensional approach to pain management 

Author: Austin Fredrickson, MD, FACHE

School: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)

Curriculum Template - Inclusion of information on pain as multidimensional_Fredrickson 7-7-2019

Presentation - Inclusion of pain as multidimensional_Fredrickson 7-7-2019