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Primary Care Training Enhancement

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Provider Wellness Modules Outline

Physician Life-Career Design: Fostering the 4th Aim

Quality health care requires physician self-care. Constructing a successful and satisfying life-career through self-reflection and identity development promotes physician self-care by fostering: (a) narratability to know and tell one’s life-career story coherently; (b) adaptability to make changes in self and situation; and (c) intentionality to design a meaningful life. This first in a three-part series engages learners in understanding core principles, procedures, and practices for effective physician life-career design to promote the Fourth Aim of improved physician experience in health care. 

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A Model for Whole Health - 8 Dimensions of Wellness

This session introduces a model for whole health using the eight dimensions of wellness. Participants discuss their experience with each dimension and identify one-two dimensions to focus on in their own lives. Concepts such as “The Margin”, limit and load are introduced.

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Expanding Narrative Reflection to Students and Colleagues

This module, which involves reflection and discussion, is intended for faculty of medical learners such as physician residency, nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA) programs. It seeks to cultivate empathy in order to reduce burnout and improve personal wellness. Following a brief introduction on patient-centered history taking, discussion centers around images of medical trainees and clinical colleagues with participants writing imaginative narratives to explore the full story of the individuals in the images. The discussion that follows prompts participants to explore how being more student-centered and/or more cognizant of team dynamics and team culture can make primary care delivery more functional. This module fits well after a session about Narrative Medicine and before a session about Self-Compassion.

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Self Compassion in the Perfect World of Medicine

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Strategies for Helping “The Difficult Patient”

All practitioners face “difficult patient encounters” that can try our patience, competence, and wellbeing. This lesson is designed to teach residents (and any faculty) best practices to help manage these encounters, thereby improving the doctor-patient relationship, quality of care, and physician wellness. Examining these cases through a narrative lens will allow for reflection and physician identity development. This session is intended for small groups of under 20 participants.

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The Resilient Provider Session

This session is an introduction to the neurobiology of stress and resilience with implications for provider wellness, self-care and clinical competence.

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