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Primary Care Training Enhancement

Physician Life-Career Design: Fostering the 4th Aim Session Overview

Quality health care requires physician self-care. Constructing a successful and satisfying life-career through self-reflection and identity development promotes physician self-care by fostering: (a) narratability to know and tell one’s life-career story coherently; (b) adaptability to make changes in self and situation; and (c) intentionality to design a meaningful life. This first in a three-part series engages learners in understanding core principles, procedures, and practices for effective physician life-career design to promote the Fourth Aim of improved physician experience in health care. 

Session Length: 50-75 minutes

Prerequisite(s): None

Learning Objectives

  • Provide a rationale for physician self-care as imperative for quality medical education and practice.

  • State the “4th Aim” of improved healthcare quality and describe challenges to it.

  • Explain and assess life structure as central to physician work-life balance.


Author:  Paul J. Hartung, Ph.D.

School: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)

Fostering the 4th Aim - Session Facilitator Guide

Presentation - Fostering the 4th Aim

Additional Resources for Students

Bodenheimer, T., & Sinsky, C. (2014). From triple to quadruple aim: Care of the patient requires care of the provider. Annals of Family Medicine, 12, 573-576.

For more on work-life integration: