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Primary Care Training Enhancement

Session Overview

All practitioners face “difficult patient encounters” that can try our patience, competence, and wellbeing. This lesson is designed to teach residents (and any faculty) best practices to help manage these encounters, thereby improving the doctor-patient relationship, quality of care, and physician wellness. Examining these cases through a narrative lens will allow for reflection and physician identity development. This session is intended for small groups of under 20 participants.

Session Length: 60 minutes

Prerequisite(s): This session is intended for physicians who are practicing clinical medicine in some capacity.

Learning Objectives

  • Categorize types of difficult patient encounters.

  • Develop strategies to enhance patient care and reduce physician stress during difficult patient encounters.

  • Reflect upon difficult patient encounters through narrative medicine.

  • Compose a patient narrative.

Author:  Alex Heintzelman, MD


Strategies for Helping “The Difficult Patient” - Session Facilitator Guide

Presentation - Strategies for Helping “The Difficult Patient”