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Primary Care Training Enhancement

Introduction to Health Disparities Session Overview

In this session, information is provided about health and health care disparities and the role they play in influencing health outcomes. The social determinants of health are described. Data is presented that displays how health and health care disparities directly impact society. 

Session Length: 60 minutes

Prerequisite(s): None

Learning Objectives

  • Define health and health care disparities

  • Give examples of social determinants of health

  • Describe the Population Health Model for explaining health disparities

  • Illustrate how both proximal and distal factors can increase health disparities

ACGME Milestones:

  • Family Medicine – PC-3: Partners with the patient, family and community to improve health through disease prevention and health promotion; PROF-3: Demonstrates humanism and cultural proficiency

  • Internal Medicine – PROF-3: Responds to each patient’s unique characteristics and needs; ICS-1: Communicates effectively with patients and caregivers

Author:  Kristin Baughman, PhD

School: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)

Session Facilitator Guide - Introduction to Health Disparities

Presentation - Introduction to Health Disparities