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Primary Care Training Enhancement

Session Overview - Continuous Quality Improvement: STUDY/ACT—barriers and dissemination

This session addresses the barriers for project implementation and routes for dissemination. Participants learn about formats for articles and posters for conferences. Finally, considerations for the next cycles are discussed.

Session Length: 60 minutes

Prerequisite(s): None

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how to address barriers

  • List possible routes to share your efforts

  • Describe SQUIRE 2.0 (standards for quality improvement reporting excellence)

  • Explain components of a storyboard

  • Reflect on the process to determine next steps for the next cycle

Author:  Amy Lee, MD, MBA, MPH

School: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)

Session Facilitator Guide - Continuous Quality Improvement: STUDY/ACT—barriers and dissemination

Presentation - Continuous Quality Improvement: STUDY/ACT—barriers and dissemination

Resources for Learners

Memory Jogger II: Healthcare Edition. A Pocket Guide of Tools for Continuous Improvement and Effective Planning. GOAL/QPC.

Resources for Instructors

  1. Presentation slides

  2. Flipchart

  3. Resources

    1. National Academies of Sciences. Barriers to Quality Improvement and Quality Improvement Research.

    2. SQUIRE.

    3. Public Health Foundation. Creating effective Storyboards.