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Primary Care Training Enhancement

Chronic Care Registry Management Session Overview

This session will provide a frame work for practice teams to enhance skills of defining patients within the team’s panel who have the chronic condition of focus (e.g.,hypertension); developing registry reports; defining important patient oriented outcomes; and discussing and assigning in-reach and out-reach activities and workflows central to achieving the selected outcomes.  

Session Length: 90 minutes

Prerequisite(s): Working knowledge of Epic Reporting Workbench report generation or Microsoft Excel is helpful but not necessary

Learning Objectives

  • Learn steps to registry report building and apply those steps to generate a team-specific report

  • Define specific outcomes for the focus population, e.g., are there HEDIS measures that may serve as a starting point?

  • Define team roles and generate assignments for each team member regarding in-reach and out-reach tasks. 

Author:  Rebecca Teagarden, DO, MA

School: Summa Health

Session Facilitator Guide - Chronic Care Registry Management

Presentation - Chronic Care Registry Management

Literature Sources for Students

  1. An Organized Approach to Chronic Disease Care. Available at:

  2. Registries Made Simple. Available at: