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Primary Care Training Enhancement

PCTE Lectures Outline

Baughman - Epi Info Demonstration


Fischbein - Ethical Clinical Research/QI Design

ethical clinical research video lecture thumbnail

Gardner-Buckshaw - Primary Care Swimming Upstream

Primary Care - Swimming Upstream Thumbnail

Fischbein - Presentation of Data

Presentation of Data Thumbnail

Fischbein - Study Design & Quality

Study Design & Quality Presentation Thumbnail

Bachelder - Rural Disparities

Rural Disparities video lecture thumb

Bonfine & Fischbein - From Theory to Measurement

From Theory to Measurement Video Lecture Thumb

Fischbein - Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis Video Lecture Thumbnail

Fischbein - What is GIS?

Thumbnail of What is GIS? presentation

Baughman - International Perspective

thumb of international perspective presentation

Fischbein - Qualitative Research

thumb of qualitative research thumb