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Evidence-based Medicine II Course Guide (Archived): Introduction

This guide provides links to information resources that can be utilized in course in-class activities and assignments.


The EBM I & II courses will become part of the Health Systems & Community I-IV courses for the College of Medicine beginning the 2019-2020 academic year. P1 students will take the Pharmacy Evidence Based Medicine course beginning the 2019-2020 academic year. This guide will available to students as a resource until the class of 2022 graduates.

College of Medicine Curriculum Mapper, Asst. Professor of Family & Community Medicine

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Heather McEwen, MLIS, MS
Office: G-142 (within the Department of Family and Community Medicine)

About This Guide

This guide is students enrolled in the Evidence-based Medicine course II at the Northeast Ohio Medical University. Resources included in the guide have been selected to assist students in-class activities and assignments.

EBM II Course Goals

At the conclusion of the course, the student shall be able to:
1. Critique and analyze clinical literature
2. Present a journal club effectively using the templates and methods learned in class
3. Formulate a clinical question and provide/present evidence-based responses to healthcare professionals and patients
4. Understand and describe complexities and deficiencies when critiquing medical literature
5. Understand the principles of information mastery and how it can implemented into clinical practice

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EBM II Course Directors

  • Course Director: Brian Hoffmaster, Pharm.D.
    • Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • Asst. Course Director: Heather McEwen, MLIS, MS
    • Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
  • Course Coordinator: Alyssa Pryor, M.Ed.
  • Special thanks to Michelle Cudnik, Pharm.D. who helped develop the EBM I & II course curriculum

Learning Center Resources

EBM Students,

            The Academic Support Staff are available to help you maximize your learning.

Learning Center Staff:

Craig Theissen,M.Ed., Director, Learning Center,  330-325-6758

Dyann Whaley, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Learning Center (Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy), 330-325-6771 

Outline of Learning Center Services:

  • Effective & efficient studying and learning consultations
  • Time management consultations
  • Course preparation/management
  • Prematriculation programming
  • Peer tutoring program
  • Supplemental instruction/workshops
  • Licensure exam preparation

Resources-provided on AIMS_Learning Center:  study skills, licensure prep, ESL, LASSI, tutoring