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HSC I (formerly EBM I) Tertiary Resources Assignment Guide: Introduction

This guide is designed to assist students with their tertiary resources assignment in the EBM I course.


  • Optional Tertiary Resources Assignment Help Session - September 16th from 12-1 pm in room G-105.

College of Medicine Curriculum Mapper, Asst. Professor of Family & Community Medicine

Heather McEwen, MLIS, MS's picture
Heather McEwen, MLIS, MS
Office: G-142 (within the Department of Family and Community Medicine)


Thanks to William McEwen, MLIS for his help with the creation and formatting of the assignment.

About This Guide

This guide is designed to help students in the HSC I course to complete their tertiary resources assignment. Students must utilize this guide to complete their assignment. You must pass this assignment to pass the course. Students receiving less than 80% on their assignment will be given 10 additional questions to complete. Your assignment is in your HSC I drop box in AIMS.

  • The assignment is due on September 20, 2019 at 5 pm. You may turn in your assignment early.
  • Submit your paper via your HSC I drop box in AIMS.
  • Include your last name in the file name of the assignment.
  • Mac Users: You will need to convert your Pages documents to Word so the course director can open them.  From Pages' File menu, select Export > Word. Open the Word file in Pages to make sure the document's format wasn’t changed. You may also turn in your assignments as a pdf file.
  • There will be a 5 point deduction for late assignments.
  • Refer assignment questions to Professor McEwen.
  • Professional resources must be used for all questions not asking for a patient education resource.
  • You must use the resources provided in the guide. If you would like to use another professional resource, please ask Professor McEwen for permission.

Tertiary Resources Assignment Learning Objectives

At the completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Quickly find relevant answers to clinical questions
  • Utilize at least ten different resources to answer short answer clinical questions
  • Understand the components of drug and herbal monographs  
  • Find patient education materials for diseases, medications, and treatments  
  • Find relevant Cochrane systematic reviews

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