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FOM Tertiary Resources Assignment Guide: Assignment Instructions

This guide is designed to assist students with their tertiary resources assignment in the EBM I course.


  • See the Population Health Medical Tertiary Resources lecture slides. It includes screenshots on how to use the different resources.
  • After you use 10 different resources, feel free to reuse resources for the rest of the assignment. 

Important Dates

  • By July 31, 2024 - Your tertiary resources assignment will be emailed to you.
  • July 31, 2024 - The health sciences tertiary resources workshop in the FOM course: The workshop will include assignment instructions.
  • Assignment Help Sessions/Office Hours (see CANVAS for details)
    • TBD
  • August 9, 2024 - Your assignment is due at 5:00 pm. You can turn in your assignment prior to August 9th. Turn it in via the assignment tool in CANVAS.

Resources Listed in This Guide

  • You must utilized at least 10 different resources for the assignment. You may use these same resources to complete the assignment.
  • Many of the resources listed in this guide actually contain multiple smaller resources (AccessMedicine, AccessPharmacy, Clinical Key, UpToDate, UpToDate Lexidrug, and Merative MicroMedex. You may use these larger resources multiple times for your 10 resources if you include the smaller resource in your citation.
    • For example, cite the individual smaller database in UpToDate Lexidrug:
      Epinephrine. Lexi-Comp OnlineTM , Pediatric & Neonatal Lexi-Drugs OnlineTM, UpToDate, Inc.; January 29, 2024.
    • Pediatric & Neonatal Lexi-Drugs is one of multiple smaller UptoDate Lexidrug databases that can be counted toward your ten resources assignment requirement. See the Health Sciences Tertiary Resources online lecture for more information. If this information is left out of the citation, UpToDate Lexidrug will only be counted once towards your 10 resources.

The following resources have many smaller resources within in them. These are examples of what could count toward your 10 resources:

  • AccessMedicine
    • Each of the textbooks, Diagnosaurus, Diagnostic Tests, either of the practice guidelines, QMDT, drug monograph, patient education (patient education question)
  • AccessPharmacy
    • Each of the textbooks, drug monograph, herbs and supplements, patient education (patient education question), Quick Answers Pharmacy
  • UpToDate Lexidrug
    • A drug monograph from each of the smaller databases (Lexi-Drugs, Pediatric and Neonatal Lexi-Drugs, Toxicology, AHFS Essentials (Adult and Pediatric), etc.), Interactions tool (top of home page), patient education (patient education question)
    • No two Lexi-Drugs monographs can’t count as 2 of the 10.
    • If you just cite Lexi-Comp Online and not the smaller database, it will count only as 1 of the 10 resources.
  • Merative MicroMedex
    • In-Depth Answers, Quick Answers,  Red Book, Drug Consults,  Detailed evidence-based information, Toxicology, Drug Interactions tool (top of the home page), CareNotes (patient education question)
  • Cochrane Library
    • 1 Cochrane Systematic Review
  • NatMed Pro (formerly Natural Medicines)
    • 1 herbal monograph and 1 use of the Comparative Effectiveness Database, patient monograph (patient education question), Adverse effects tool (left-side menu on home page)
  • UpToDate
    • 1 topic, 1 drug monograph, patient education (patient education question), drug interactions
  • 1 Clinical Guideline from one of the resources listed in the assignment guide.
  • Clinical Key
    • Topics, drug monograph, patient education.

After you have your 10 resources, you can reuse resources as many times as you would like.


Assignment Instructions

Instructions for the assignment:

  • Your assignment will be be emailed to you by July 31st.
  • The assignment is due at 5:00 pm on Friday, August 9th. Place your assignment in the FOM assignment tool in CANVAS when it is completed. The assignment may be turned in early.
  • The assignment is worth 60 points. You must receive a 70% (42 out of 60 points)  or higher on the assignment to pass the assessment.
  • Students must receive a passing grade on the assignment to receive a passing grade in the course. Students who receive a failing grade on the assignment will be asked to complete an additional ten questions.
  • All resources must be cited. Provide citations for all answers to questions. Some resources provide self-generated citations that may be used. Multiple citation styles (NLM, APA, etc.) can be used for this assignment. For future assignments, we will use the National Library of Medicine style guide. For more citation help, see the Citing resources library subject guide:
  • You may answer the questions using short answers. Answers need not be written in sentence form.
  • You must utilized at least ten different professional resources. This guide will provide you with the resources to use to answer each question.
  • You will be deducted a half point for an incomplete or incorrect citation and one point for a missing citation.
  • Please contact Professor McEwen if you have any questions.
  • Mac Users: You will need to convert your Pages documents to Word so the course director can open them.  From Pages' File menu, select Export > Word. Open the Word file in Pages to make sure the document's format wasn’t changed. You may also turn in your assignments as a pdf file.
  • Late Assignments: Late assignments will receive a 3 point deduction.

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