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PPC IV & V Practice Based Learning and Improvement Presentation Guide: Faculty Instructions

Session Instructions

Session instructions:

  • As students come onto the Zoom session, ask them to please have their slides open on their desktop. This will allow you to move quickly from one presentation to another.
  • White coats are optional. Students have been told business casual is fine since it is online presentation.
  • Please contact Nancy Woolverton or Alyssa Pryor if you have any technology issues.
  • At the beginning of the session, please provide students with a quick overview of the session.
  • Each student will present. Their presentation should be 10-12 minutes in length. You can give a 2-minute warning at 10 minutes if you like in the chat.  At 12 minutes, you can ask them to finish up if they are finished presenting. Zoom has a timer app if you are interested. See the instructions to add the app listed below. This leaves 3-5 minutes for questions. The questions can be asked by the other students and yourself. The next student then presents. 
  • There is not an official break. Students can take a quick bio break when another student is presenting. 
  • If there is time at the end of the session, feel free to give your group some general feedback.
  • If there are any absences, late students, or behavior issues, please let Dr. Ferrell or Prof. McEwen know after the session. 
  • Any student that misses the session will give their presentation to Dr. Ferrell or Prof. McEwen at a later date.
  • Please email me your completed rubrics by October 31st. Please provide comments about what the student has done well and where they need to improve.