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PPC IV & V Practice Based Learning and Improvement Presentation Guide: PPC V PBLI Presentation Recorded PowerPoint Assignment & Rubric

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PPC Rubric

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • apply their EBM skills to ask and answer a clinical question about a patient you observed during a PACE visit,
  • use PPICO to create a clinical question
  • perform a literature search to find a research article/clinical guideline that is relevant to their patient's care
  • evaluate a research article or meta-analysis for it's relevance and validity
  • apply a research article or meta-analysis to patient care and provide an answer to the clinical question to a clinician and the patient.
  • apply feedback from your fall presentation to improve your performance

PPC V Assignment

  • Choose a patient you have observed during a PACE visit or at the student run clinic.
  • You will need to ask a different clinical question from the fall semester.
  • This time you will create a recorded PBLI presentation.
  • The difference is this semester, there is NO live oral presentation small group session.
  • Your presentation should be 9-12 minutes in length. It is an automatic redo if > 12 minutes in length.
  • You will use the appropriate JBI checklist to analyze the validity of your research article or met-analysis.
  • Your slide backgrounds can be colorful. 
  • You will turn in a recorded PowerPoint presentation and a copy of the research article or meta-analysis. The narration needs not to be perfect. 
  • Your patient encounter information can be 2-3 sentences. You will be expected to provide a more detailed description of the patient encounter for your clerkship PBLI presentation.
  • You will upload your recorded slides and your research article or met-analysis to the PPC V CANVAS assignment tool.
  • Note that the first section rubric for PPC V is different from the first section of the PPC IV rubric. 
  • The due date is: March 26, 2024.
    • You may turn in your completed slides and article/guideline anytime between the first day of class and the due date on March 26th at 11:55 pm.