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PPC IV & V Practice Based Learning and Improvement Presentation Guide: EBM Review

Desired Characteristics of a Clinical Question Response

  • Timely
  • Current
  • Accurate
  • Complete, but concise
  • Well referenced
  • Clear and logical
  • Free of bias
  • Applicable and appropriate
  • Answers important related questions

7 Steps to Answering a Clinical Question

  1. Secure Demographics of Requestor
  2.  Obtain Background Information
  3. Determine Ultimate Question (PPICO)
  4. Conduct Article Search
  5. Analyze Article (PPICONS)
  6. Formulate and Provide a Response
  7. Follow-up

Adapted from: Sheehan A, Jordan JK. Formulating an Effective Response: A Structured Approach. In: Malone PM, Malone MJ, Park SK. eds. Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists, 6e New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; . Accessed July 01, 2019.