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PPC IV & V Practice Based Learning and Improvement Presentation Guide: Step 5: Clinical Guidelines - PPC IV only

Clinical Guidelines

Use this page if you have chosen to use a clinical guideline instead of a research article.

Where to Find Clinical Guidelines

The National Guideline Clearinghouse will no longer be available after July 16th.


You need to discuss why this clinical guideline is relevant to your patient.

How to Determine the Validity of a Guideline

Resources for Determiing Validity for Guidelines

Duke University Medical Center Library and Archive Evidence-Based Practice Guide: Appraise (

Supplementary resource: What do they mean by values on the worksheet?

Levels of Evidence in Guidelines

NNT - Clinical Guidelines

Need to have on slides or mention during your presentation that it is not applicable to calculate NNT for a clinical guideline.


  • Consider the recommendations for the clinical guidelines.
    • Are they POEMS, DOEs, or both?