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EBM I Assignment Guide for Anhui University Students (Archived): Help Sessions

This guide has assignment information for Anhui University students.

Learning Center Resources

EBM Students,

            The Academic Support Staff are available to help you maximize your learning.

Learning Center Staff:

Craig Theissen,M.Ed., Director, Learning Center,  330-325-6758

Dyann Whaley, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Learning Center (Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy), 330-325-6771 

Outline of Learning Center Services:

  • Effective & efficient studying and learning consultations
  • Time management consultations
  • Course preparation/management
  • Prematriculation programming
  • Peer tutoring program
  • Supplemental instruction/workshops
  • Licensure exam preparation

Resources-provided on AIMS_Learning Center:  study skills, licensure prep, ESL, LASSI, tutoring

Support Services for ESL Students

The Learning Center has hired a part-time ESL tutor from Kent State University’s Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) graduate program. This tutor, Amanda Balch, will collaborate with Learning Center staff, and faculty from both the COM and COP to offer one-on-one meetings to address students’ concerns with writing, communication, public speaking, field-specific vocabulary, and more.


Sessions will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the academic year.

  • You can sign up for a 30 minute session with Amanda, one-on-one, from 4:00-8:00 pm, while additional availability from 12-4 PM may become available as well. All sessions, including their specific location, are currently available for you to view and sign-up in AIMS.

We look forward to enhancing our support for ESL students throughout this semester and beyond. If you have any questions about these services, please contact Amanda Balch (

Assignment Help Sessions

  • Tertiary Resources Help Session (Anhui students only) - Work on the assignment with the help of Professor McEwen and Stephanie Henderson (reference librarian). We will discuss how to use databases needed to complete the assignment.
    • Date: Thursday, September 20th
    • Time: 10-11 am
    • Room: Regula Training Room
    • We will practice using the library databases that you need to use for the assignment.
  • Optional Literature Review Help Session (Anhui students only) - Ask questions about your assignment at this session.
    • Date: TBD
    • Time: 12-1 pm
    • Room: TBD
  • Optional Journal Club Help Session (all students) - Ask questions about the journal club assignment
    • Date: TBD
    • Time: 12-1 pm
    • Room: TBD

Discuss EBM with Professor McEwen (Optional)

Have an informal discussion about the EBM course content with Professor McEwen while the other students are taking their statistics quizzes. Class will begin after the meetings.

  • Tuesday, October 16th
    • Location: NEW Center Auditorium
    • Time: 1 -1:15 pm
  • Tuesday, October 30th
    • Location: NEW Center Auditorium
    • Time: 1 -1:15 pm