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HS Journal Club Assignment Guide: Small Group Leader Information

This guide is focused on the journal club presentation assignment in the EBM I and II courses.


Assignment Dates:


  • PPC II Journal Club Session - Thursday, April 18, 2024 from 1-2 pm or 2-3 pm. See CANVAS to determine your group's assigned time.


Who to Contact

  • Questions about the assignment - Professor McEwen
  • Questions about honoraria, paperwork, contact information, etc.  - Beth Leonard (PPC II)

Assignment Requirements

  • See  supporting documents for more detailed instructions.
  • Groups may divide the oral presentation however they would like. Everyone should participate in the oral presentation.

Day of the Session

  • We will use Zoom for the session. Please let Heather McEwen, or Beth Leonard know about any technology issues that happen during the session.
  • Inform the Dr. Ferrell after the session about any absences, professionalism issues, etc.
  • Prior to the day of the presentation, each small group leader will be emailed a copy of the rubric. Please email Heather McEwen your completed rubrics. 

PPC II Journal Club Session - April 14, 2022

  • Small group leaders must turn in two articles by date. Articles must be unique from other groups. You can choose your own articles or choose one from a list of previously used articles. See the articles to avoid list in AIMS to check that your selection is not listed. The document will be updated as articles are submitted.
    • Requirements:
      • Research articles about obesity (clinical or public health related)
  • On-Campus faculty will be asked to create a Zoom session for the presentations. Please email the Zoom information to Beth Leonard by March 15th at 5 pm.
  • Presentations should be 20+ minutes. One group presents. Small group leader(s) and other group asks questions. The second group then presents.
  • Possible discussion points:
    • Your thoughts on choosing a journal club article and giving presentations.