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HS Journal Club Assignment Guide: Assignment Instructions

This guide is focused on the journal club presentation assignment in the EBM I and II courses.

HSC IV Journal Club Announcements

  • Because it is a Zoom session, we will not require students to wear white coats and ID badges, Students are required to wear semi-professional attire. The rubric has been modified because of this change. See the modified rubric on the rubric page of this guide.
  • There is more assignment information in CANVAS.
  • Your group has either been assigned the 1-2 pm time slot or the 2-3 pm time slot. 

Assignment Dates:


  • PPC II Journal Club Session - Thursday, April 18, 2024 from 1-2 pm or 2-3 pm. See CANVAS to determine your group's assigned time.


Help Session Information


  • PPC II Optional Journal Club Help Session:
    • April 16th and April 17th from 12-1 pm on ZOOM
    • Informal session. Come with your questions about your article or about the article in general.
    • Zoom information  in CANVAS

PPC II Small Group Journal Club Presentation Instructions

  • Small group information, article information, small group leader contact information, and Zoom information can be found in the PPC II course CNAVAS sites.
  • For PPC II, your small group leader will choose your journal club article. All articles will focus on obesity.
  • Everyone must participate in the oral presentation. You can divide the oral presentation however your group would like.  
  • PowerPoint/Prezi slides are optional. They will not be graded, but you may receive formative feedback.
  • You will want to practice your presentation with your group prior to the journal club session.
  • Bring your journal article to the session. You may have notes. 

Presentation Instructions