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HS Journal Club Assignment Guide: Home

This guide is focused on the journal club presentation assignment in the EBM I and II courses.


  • Because it is a Zoom session, we will not require students to wear white coats and ID badges, Students are required to wear semi-professional attire. 
  • PPC II students: A video example of a P4 giving a journal club can be found in the PPC II CANVAS site (see April 18, 2024). She also has a second video explaining how she made decisions about how to do her presentation. She also provided an example of a handout. Please note handouts are optional.

College of Medicine Curriculum Mapper, Assoc. Professor of Family and Community Medicine

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Heather McEwen, MLIS, MS
Office: G-142 (within the Department of Family and Community Medicine)

Introduction to the Guide

This is a guide for the journal club presentation assignment in the PPC II course.

The PPC II journal club small groups will include M1 students. You must receive a passing grade (70% or higher) on the assignment to pass the assignment.


Contact Dr. Ferrell and Professor McEwen with questions that are not answered by the guide. 

Assignment Learning Objectives

At the completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate a scientific research article
  • Work as a team give an organized, oral presentation of the literature.
  • Answer questions from faculty and other students pertaining to their article
  • Apply obesity research to diagnosis and/or treatment of patients

HSC IV Journal Club Articles to Avoid List

These articles have already been used in the first HSC journal club or has been chosen by a group in HSC IV. Please choose an article not on this list.

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Guide Acknowledgements

This guide was created by Michelle Cudnik, Pharm.D. and Heather McEwen, MLIS, MS. Thanks to Alyssa Prior, M.Ed., Jessica Ferrell, Ph.D., and Stefanie Lehmier, Pharm.D. for their contributions to the guide.