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HSC I: Teams

eLearning Module

Four Habits of High Performance Teams and Teamwork from a Person-Centered Perspective

What personal values characterize members of high-performance teams?  What core principles are associated with high quality team-based health care? What is a person-centered perspective? With emphasis on a person-centered perspective, these and other questions are explored in this interactive eLearning module to illustrate the alignment of personal values and core principles with practice habits – competency behaviors – associated with high performance teams and teamwork in health care.

Saewert, K. J. (2017, May). Four Habits of High Performance Teams & Teamwork from a Person-Centered Perspective (Y. Price, Designer.) [Interactive video module]. Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education & Research, Arizona State University, Phoenix.


Complete all sections, including exploration of the interprofessional competencies. There will be matching items and reflection items that you must complete to finish the module.

Teamwork Overview

Health Professions Core Competencies

  • Health care professions core competencies. From: Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on the Health Professions Education Summit; Greiner AC, Knebel E, editors. Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality. Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2003. Available from: doi: 10.17226/10681