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Public Health

Resources for the Master of Public Health Program & public health research at NEOMED

What's the Difference Between a CV and a Resume?

Typically, a resume will be used. A resume is a synopsis of your education and work experience. This is fine for most non-academic jobs.

Academic work will typically require a CV.

Do you need a CV? You will if...

  • you have teaching/research experience

  • you have publications, posters, or papers in the literature

  • you have awards, honors, etc. 

You may desire multiple versions of your resume/CV to highlight different aspects of your experiences.

I Need to Write a CV...

I Need to Write a Resume...

International CVs and Resumes

Optimizing your resumes for applicant tracking systems

More and more employers are using applicant tracking system technology for online job searching. Companies that manage a high volume of applicants are more likely to use these systems. Here are sites that can help you format your resume so that you are more likely selected as a candidate who is eligible for the position.