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Public Health

Resources for the Master of Public Health Program & public health research at NEOMED

Poster Development Tips


  • Title, Author(s), and Institutional Affiliation

    • The title should summarize the work and stimulate the viewer to read the poster.

    • Names of the principal investigator and all co-authors should be indicated, along with respective affiliations.

  • Introduction or Abstract

    • The introduction should clearly state the purpose and objectives of the project and should describe how it builds on existing work.

  • Methodology

    • Methodology consists of a brief description of the target sample, including sample size and demographics if relevant, as well as the general design of the study (retrospective chart review, experimental design, survey-based design, qualitative research, etc.).

  • Results

    • Results must be clearly presented and appropriately summarized.  Tables, charts, graphs, andother visuals are encouraged.

  • Conclusion

    • Conclusions must be based on study results and should emphasize the significance andimplications of the study.

  • Acknowledgements

    • This is optional.

  • References

    • This is optional.

Layout Tips

  • Read the conference guidelines! Be sure to comply exactly with the specifications. Some posters need to be mounted on poster board and some may be pinned to a board that is already provided.

  • Include photos or other visuals

  • Make a one page copy of your abstract to hand out.  Be sure your contact information is one it. 

  • Use a font large enough that can be read by people standing at least six feet away. The title should be able to be read from 20 feet away.

  • Include a descriptive label for each graphic.

  • Keep in mind the rule of threes.  Have three columns of text, or have your graphics take up a third of the size of a column or area.

Ways of Laying Out Your Poster

  • You can lay it out on a single PowerPoint slide, but you need to have the capability of being able to print out on a singe large piece of paper.

  • You can print out your PowerPoint slides.