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PPC II & IPE II Clinical Question Presentation Assignment Guide: Small Group Leader Information

This guide provides instructions for the EBM II clinical question presentation assignment.

Changes from Last Year

This year the students are in two different rather than one course. Medicine students are in the Patient, Physician, and Community II course and Pharmacy students are in the Interprofessional Education II course. This means that you will have complete the same group rubric twice in ExamSoft (once for M1s and once for P1s). Please contact Heather McEwen if you have any questions.

Assignment Dates for Small Group Leaders

  • Two clinical questions due - TBD
  • Clinical Question Presentations session - January 23rd from 1-3 pm
  • ExamSoft grades due - January TBD

Who to Contact

  • Questions about the assignment - Professor McEwen
  • Questions about ExamSoft -
  • Questions about honoraria, paperwork, contact information, etc. - Alyssa Pryor

Grading Information for Small Group Leaders

  • The assignment is worth 54 points.
  • Small group leaders have two groups.
  • Group grades are given.
  • Faculty must turn in grades by January TBA.
  • If there are co-small group leaders, one small group leader will be the official grader. The second small group leader will provide formative feedback on paper rubrics the day of the session.
  • The official grader completes rubric can via ExamSoft twice per group since pharmacy and medicine students are in two different courses. If you type your comments into a Word document, you can copy and paste them into the two rubrics.
  • Groups must receive a 70% or greater (38 pts = 70%) to pass the assignment. COM students must pass the assignment to pass the course.
  • Assignment retake: COM students in the group will give the same presentation to the course directors.
  • Students will be emailed after the session to complete a peer assessment of their fellow small group members. Please refer students to their course directors if they have questions about the evaluation.

Day of the Session

  • We will use Zoom for the session. Please let Heather McEwen or Alyssa Pryor know about any technology issues that happen during the session.
  • Inform the Heather McEwen after the session about any absences, professionalism issues, etc.
  • Return all needed materials to Academic Services (A-40).
  • Prior to the day of the presentation, each small group leader will be emailed a copy of the rubric  If you want, you can print off a copy to use during the session and complete the official ExamSoft graders at your convenience.  The non-official ExamSoft grader will be asked to provide handwritten formative feedback on a copy of the rubric and return it to Academic Services after the session. This will be emailed to the students as additional feedback.