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PPC II & IPE II Clinical Question Presentation Assignment Guide: Understanding the Rubric

This guide provides instructions for the EBM II clinical question presentation assignment.

Written Response

There is an example of a written response in the PPC II AIMS site.

Presentation Style

  • Maintained eye contact most of the time
  • Did not rely solely on notes
    • Students may use notes. Do not overly rely on your notes.
  • Appeared generally relaxed
  • Movements and gestures enhanced delivery
  • Most sentences were complete and grammatically correct
  • Voice was clear and audible
  • Pace was appropriate

Organization and Timing

  • Sequence was logical
  • Transitions were clear
  • Within 2 minute of allotted time (e.g. within 28 to 42 minutes for a 30-40 minute presentation)

Depth of Knowledge

  • Most information was relevant to the question
  • The 7-steps approach was utilized when providing the response
    • See Professor McEwen's lecture (COM students) or Dr. Hoffmaster's lecture (COP students) for more information about the 7-steps approach.
  • The PP-ICO method was utilized to come up with ultimate clinical question
  • The PP-ICONS method was utilized to critique the literature
  • Literature Search: Named database(s) searched. Provided search strategy and reasons for selecting the article.
  • Critique of the literature was mostly accurate and complete
  • Primary literature presented generally supports claims

Question/Answer Session

  • Answered questions concisely
  • Appeared confident when answering questions
  • Answered >50% of questions without assistance

Written Response

  • The introduction of the paper orients the reader to the clinical question
  • Identified all relevant literature resources
  • The recommendation is stated clearly with the appropriate level of certainty (or uncertainty)
  • Reference citation formats are appropriately formatted (consistent with the Uniform Requirements)
  • Paragraphs are organized logically/appropriately.
  • Sentences and paragraphs transition smoothly.
  • Correct grammar and spelling are used throughout the written response

Professional Conduct (failure to achieve in this area will result in a meeting with the course director)

For Zoom presentations, students are not required to wear their white coat and name badge. Semi-professional attire is required.

In person sessions:

The student was:

  • dressed appropriately
    • Group members are wearing professional attire.
  • wearing a clean white coat
  • displaying their name badge
  • respectful to other presenters