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PPC II & IPE II Clinical Question Presentation Assignment Guide: Oral Presentation Instructions

This guide provides instructions for the EBM II clinical question presentation assignment.

Supplemental Resources

Oral Presentation Instructions

  • COM Students: Begin your preparation by watching Professor McEwen's lecture video on the 7 Steps to Answering a Clinical Question lecture. COP students have had a similar lecture in the PEBM course. COP students have already completed a clinical question presentation in the PEBM course.
  • Small group member list, small group leader contact information, session room assignment (room for the day of the presentation), and clinical question is in an attachment in AIMS 
  • You will have time to work on the presentation during class on January 7th in Zoom breakout rooms. Dr. Lehmier and Professor McEwen will be available in the large Zoom room to answer questions about the assignment.
  • Formative (ungraded feedback) - During class on January 7th, your group will complete worksheet and email it to Professor McEwen. In the worksheet, you will provide information about your clinical question and the resources that you will use to answer it. You will receive feedback from your small group leader and Professor McEwen to help guide your work.
  • Everyone must participate in the oral presentation. Your group group can divide the presentation as you like. No PowerPoint or Prezi slides. You can have notes with you along with the article or guidelines. Handouts are optional. COP students: choose another part of the presentation to do this time than the part you gave in PEBM.
  • Your presentation and questions and answers section should be about 30 minutes in length.

Your Clinical Question

  • Your clinical scenario will be placed in AIMS. You will create a clinical question using PPICO. Your question may be patient-specific or general knowledge.
    • Patient-specific questions - Do you need additional demographic information in order to answer the clinical question?
    • General knowledge questions - Demographic information is not needed. You can skip that portion of the presentation. Think about general patient populations. How relevant is this question to a general or specific patient populations?


P Problem
P Patient or Population
I Intervention
C Comparison
O Outcome


Contacting Your Small Group Leader

Your group may send one email of questions to your small group leader. Your small group leader has 24 hours to answer your email. Contact Professor McEwen if you have not heard received an answer from your small group leader after 24 hours. Your small group leader may tell you that your question is not applicable or needed to answer the clinical question. A follow-up email to you small group leader is allowed if you have a question about their response to your questions.

How is the Clinical Question Presentation Different from the Journal Club Presentations?

A majority of the presentation will be spent evaluating a journal article or clinical guideline. You should also consider information from other resources for your introduction and discussion sections of the presentation. Depending on the clinical question, you may want to consider the following resources:

  • Other journal club articles - Have they found similar results?
  • Original journal articles - Take a look at the original research article if your article is a continuation of previous research.
  • Clinical guidelines - Has your article been cited by relevant clinical guidelines?
  • Drug or herbal monographs
  • Other professional or governmental information
  • Other library resources


You will be graded as a group via an Examsoft rubric. Your group will need to receive a 70% or greater to pass the assignment. If someone misses class the day of the session, the group will give the presentation without the group member. The absent student will make arrangements with their course director to give the entire presentation by them self at a later date. 


Retake Presentation

COM students: If your group receives less than 70% on the assignment, COM students will need to give the presentation a second time for the course directors.

Peer Evaluation

A link to a peer evaluation will be provided to you after class. You must evaluate other members of your group. Please provide constructive feedback. You have a week to complete the evaluation. It is formative feedback only for COM students,