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Journal Club Presentation Resources (Statistics Help): Types of Research Studies

This guide provides help for preparing to give clinical journal club presentations.

Guides to Analyzing Specific Types of Research Articles

General Study Design Resources

Article Abstracts

Types of Studies / Advantages & Disadvantages


Is the article or guideline a DOE or a POEM?

POEM (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters)

  • Quality of Life
  • Mortality
  • Pain
  • Mobility
  • Recovery Time
  • Length of hospital stay
  • Cost
  • Pain scale

DOE (Disease Oriented Evidence)

  • Cardiac biomarkers
  • Blood pressure reading
  • LDL, HDL
  • Blood sugar
  • Bone density
  • BMI
  • Other laboratory Tests

Slawson DC, Shaughnessy AF, Ebell MH, Barry HC. Mastering medical information and the role of POEMs--Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters. J Fam Pract. 1997;45(3):195-6.