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How to Search in Biomedical Databases

Tutorials for Library Databases and Resources

How to access PubMed at NEOMED

Please note that to access the full text for articles indexed by PubMed, authentication with your NEOMED Library credentials is required both on- and off-campus. Without authenticating as a NEOMED user, your search results will still show up, but they will not provide full-text access to resources that require a paid subscription. NEOMED Library pays for and provides access to millions of resources that are not available to users who are not affiliated with the university.

The NEOMED instance of PubMed can be located from the library's landing page searchbox or via the following link: PubMedDo not simply google PubMed; it will not provide NEOMED full text links. Learn more about how to Access Full Text within a specific PubMed record.