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Essential tools and resources COM, COP and COGS students.

Textbooks & Ebooks Spring 2019

Molecules to Cells - Required Textbooks
Molecules to Cells - Recommended Text
Physiological Basis of Medicine - Required Text
Medical Neuroscience - Required Text
Medical Neuroscience - Recommended Text
Foundations Clinical Medicine II - Required Text
Foundations Clinical Medicine - Recommended Text
Evidence Based Medicine - No Required Text
Principles of Medical Science - Required Textbooks
Principles of Medical Science - Recommended Text
Human Values in Medicine - No Required Text
Principles of Clinical Medicine II - Required Text
Deliberate practice & Development - Required Texts
No Items Recommended or Required
Molecules to Cells - Required Text
Human Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology (HAPP) - Required Texts
Human Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology (HAPP) - Recommended Texts
Health Care Delivery Systems - Required Texts
PPCE 2, 3 & 4 
Evidence Based Medicine
Pharmacy Practice Management 1 - Required Text
PPCE 5 - 7 Required Texts
PPCE 5 - 7 Recommended Texts
Pharmacotherapeutics 1 - Required Texts
Pharmacotherapeutics 1 - Recommended Texts
Pharmacotherapeutics III - Required Texts
Pharmacotherapeutics - Recommended Texts
Pharmacy Law and Ethics - Required Texts
PPCE 9 - Required Texts
PPCE 9 - Recommended Texts
Pharmacy Residency Preparation - Required Texts
Pharmacy Residency Preparation - Recommended Texts
PE Management of Palliative Care Patient - Required Texts
PE Management of Palliative Care Patient - Recommended Texts
PE - Pharmacist's Approach to Women's Health - Required Texts
PE - Ambulatory Care - Required Texts
PE - Ambulatory Care - Recommended Texts
PE - Pediatric Pharmacotherapy II - Recommended Text
PE - Advanced Personal Finance - Required Texts
PE- Advocacy and Legislation - Recommended Texts
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