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Physical Diagnosis: Sounds, Videos, and Images

This guide is a collection of multimedia resources aimed to help students learn and diagnose conditions by physical exam. Tabs are sorted in the order they'll be utilized in NEOMED's M2 Principles of Medicine course.

Physical Exam Videos in NEOMED Library Collections

Freely Available Online Physical Exam Videos & Images

Diagnostic Test Information

Taking Vital Signs

Breast Exam Videos

Mammacare Breast Exam Videos now available in Canvas, in the PDL Teaching Materials under Breast Exam. Students can also view it under the PCM 1 & 2 course (under Lecture Videos). Access to these videos is restricted to NEOMED students enrolled in these courses. 

Copyright Notice

* = Resources with content that may be posted to Canvas. 

Resources without this icon should only be shown in class, with a link provided to the content for later student review.