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Fair Use

Here you will learn about Fair Use and how this applies to Copyrighted material. As an educational institution, Neomed will use Fair Use often.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons (CC) is a collaborative effort to make digital content (e.g. images, journal articles) more accessible under copyright. Works licensed under Creative Commons may be used by anyone, if the intended reuse meets the terms of the Creative Commons license. See below for the different types of Creative Commons licenses. 

In short, Creative Commons licenses make it easier to allow others to reuse your work, while maintaining your rights as the copyright holder.

Who Uses Creative Commons?

Creative Commons maintains a list of resources which use Creative Commons licenses in their research and publications.

Why use a Creative Commons License?

Creative Commons licenses: 

  • Allow broader dissemination of work
  • Make it easier for users to determine if/how an item may be used
  • Allow the creator to maintain their copyright
  • Set parameters under which item may not be re-used
  • Allows others to build upon your work

How to Create a Creative Commons License

Do you want to license your own work? Get started here!

What Creative Commons Licenses Are Available?

Six Creative Commons licenses allow a user options to reuse a work. At a minimum, all items used under Creative Commons must be attributed to the original creator.

Restrictions include:

  • Attribution (BY)
    • The original creator must be credited in any reuse of the work. 
  • Non-commercial use only (NC)
    • Item may not be used for fundraising.  
  • No derivative works (ND) 
    • No changes may be made to the work. 
  • Share-alike (SA) 
    • Any derivative works based off the original Creative Commons licensed content must be released under the same license as the original work.

Items may also be released into the public domain under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

Where Can I Find Creative Commons Licensed Material?

Creative Commons licensed images may be found in numerous resources. This list is not exhaustive.