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Fair Use

Here you will learn about Fair Use and how this applies to Copyrighted material. As an educational institution, Neomed will use Fair Use often.

Permissions Requests for Course Materials

The following information typically applies to NEOMED faculty and staff who are preparing Library resources for inclusion in NEOMED coursework.

Requesting a permissions license for journal articles, book chapters, or images can be a long and time-consuming process. NEOMED Library may offer guidance and, in certain cases, direct help with acquiring a license for content usage in courses. This typically applies to content that the Library does not already own. To help alleviate some of the confusion that typically occurs when navigating the permissions request process, please read the information, links, and tips listed below before contacting the Library. 

Please give yourself 6-8 weeks to have your permissions request processed.

Getting Started . . . What the Library can do to help with your assigned course readings

To guide you through the process and avoid confusion, the Library may (on a case-by-case basis) request a permissions license for items that the NEOMED Library does not currently own for usage in your course or curriculum. To ensure that the Library does not already own the item, please search for it using our searchbox.

In cases where the Library does not own the item that you wish to use for NEOMED coursework, the Library will:

  • respond to faculty requests as quickly as possible
  • consider the feasibility of purchasing the item for usage in your course. If the item is high cost, we will consult with you and your department to determine a plan of action
  • act as an intermediary between publishers and the requester to get a quote for purchasing and licensing the item for usage in your course

However, keep in mind that the library cannot:

  • speed up the permissions licensing response times
  • guarantee a positive response

If you want the library to help with your permission licensing request, please provide the following information:

Books, E-Books & Journal Articles

  • Title
  • Author
  • Year of Publication
  • Course Name
  • Estimated number of students
  • Figure numbers for the images and the pages they appear on
  • Your contact information
  • Additional information may be necessary, depending on the publisher

In all cases, please contact us as soon as possible to inform us on the specific item that you would like to purchase.

Course Packs & Electronic Reserves

At this time, the university does not create printed course packs, nor does it maintain a system of electronic reserves. As an alternative to electronic reserves, in cases where NEOMED Library has licensed digital versions of copyrighted material, the citation and link to the electronic version of the material may be included within the relevant course materials. Any restricted content will require users to use their Library login to access the content. The Library encourages links to be pulled from our EBSCO Discovery Service (

To comply with Fair Use Guidelines, the Library does not place files in NEOMED’s online learning and collaboration system, Canvas. Course materials posted by non-Library Staff in Canvas are only for the use of students enrolled in a course for purposes associated with the course and may not be retained or further disseminated. Full-text items should be taken down by the instructor or staff member who put them up after the term(s) for which they were used. 

The Library may place print materials on reserve for courses upon request of the faculty member or staff involved with the course.