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PPC IV Literature Review Requirements (self-directed learning assignment): Misc. Topics

Diets / Nutrition / Obesity

  • Comparing weight loss using a low-fat diet versus a low-carbohydrate diet
  • Comparison of a mobile app versus use of another type of diet for weight loss
  • Mediterranean diet and olive oil vs. low fat diet for preventing cognitive decline
  • DASH diet versus higher-fat DASH diet for treating hypertension
  •  Low fat versus ketogenic diets for weight loss
  • Comparing semaglutide to liraglutide for weight loss in individuals without diabetes.
  • Low-carb versus low-fat diets for weight loss


  • Exercise via tai chi for reducing falls in older adults
  • The effect of cognitive impairment on the risk of falling
  • Morning versus evening injection of teriparatide for treating (or preventing) osteorporosis
  • Comparing isosorbide mononitrate to alendronate for treating post menopausal osteoporosis

Telemedicine/Social Media

  • Comparison of a mobile app versus use of another type of diet for weight loss
  • Use of a smart phone application plus usual care versus usual care alone to treat type 1 diabetes
  • Comparing a mobile phone application to a text-messaging assessment of patients with schizophrenia and other mental health disorders
  • Comparing telemedicine versus telephone counseling for smoking cessation
  • Comparing telemedicine vs. telephone interventions for treating obesity in rural settings
  • Online delivered cognitive behavioral therapy compared to face-to-face cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Telemedicine vs. standard outpatient treatment for diabetes
  • Comparing in-person and online social networks for promoting physical activity


  • Comparing to platforms/applications for educating patients
  • The effect of fact-checking about vaccines on social media

Misc. Surgery Topics

  • Bariatric surgery versus conventional care to treat diabetes
  • Dissection versus diathermy for tonsillectomy
  • Biologic meshes vs synthetic meshes in ventral hernia repair
  • Comparing surgical vs nonoperative treatment to treat lumbar disc herniation
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): prostatic urethral lift vs transurethral resection of the prostate
  • Surgery versus non-surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

Misc. Medical Topics

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy versus Tai Chi for treating insomnia
  • Early Introduction vs Avoidance: An Exploration of Peanut Allergy Prevention
  • Stretching versus strength training to treat plantar fasciitis
  • Glue versus suture fixation in Lichtenstein inguinal hernioplasty
  • Comparing Medicare Advantage to Medicare plans for hospital readmission rates
  • Conventional treatment versus burosumab for treating x-linked hypophosphatemia
  • Methotrexate versus briakinumab for treating psoriasis
  • in-group cognitive behavioral therapy versus minimal contact therapy for treating chronic tinnitus
  • Silicone gels versus pressure garments in pediatric burn patients
  • Myasthenia Gravis Literature Review
  • The Role of Prehabilitation Prior to Major Urologic Surgery
  • Metoclopramide and Ondansterone: Prophylaxis for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
  • CLN1 Batten Disease Treatment: normal palliative care Tx vs the new gene therapy using an adenovirus vector
  • Single-Sided Deafness
  • CT versus MRI in detecting inner ear abnormalities related to sensorineural hearing loss in the context of cochlear implantation
  • Binocular video games versus patching for the treatment of amblyopia
  • Modafinil and sodium oxybate: treating narcolepsy patients with and without cataplexy
  • Efficacy of intermittent In-center hemodialysis vs. home hemodialysis
  • plantar intrinsic foot muscle strengthening exercise for treating pes planus
  • Senalin and Bisacodyl: Treatment of Constipation in Intensive Care Unit Patients
  • Timolol versus netarsudil for treating glaucoma
  • Comparing iStent to  Hydrus microstent (trabecular meshwork bypass stents) for treating primary open-angle glaucoma
  • Co-phenylcaine Spray vs. Lidocaine for Nasogastric Tube Insertion
  • The effectiveness of Tafamidis for treating amyloidosis
  •  Potassium citrate compared versus lemonade for Increasing urine pH to reduce the risk of pediatric urolithiasis
  • The effectiveness of urate-lowering therapy on the progression of chronic kidney disease
  • Is there an association between nephrolithiasis, chronic kidney disease, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease?
  • Hydroquinone and methimazole: for treating melasma