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Social Justice & Anti-Racism

About this Guide

The following library guide is a collection of books and e-books, journal articles, multimedia, diversity and equity events, and community resources and opportunities that center on issues of social justice and anti-racism. Social justice, including its core principles of equity, access, diversity, participation, and rights, is essential within and external to our NEOMED community. In our commitment toward social justice, it is essential for our community to have the tools and resources for awareness, learning, and personal growth. Without addressing difficult questions, identifying personal biases and knowledge gaps, being aware of privilege, and listening and learning about persons and cultures different from our own, we are unable to grow as individuals or as a community. To stand up and confront social injustice requires awareness, education, and action.  And thus, our first intention of this guide is to promote awareness and open a door for self-exploration and learning. The second intention is to provide an opportunity to understand anti-racism and how we need to do the work towards the creation of an equal and just society. Learning how to be an anti-racist and being aware of our environments and the structural racism within is essential to personal growth and a step toward change. We invite you to contribute to our collection, make suggestions, and be part of this process.

Guide Snapshot:

Relevant NEOMED Library E-Books