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Scientific Writing

A guide to writing papers in a scientific manner, and how to present scientific material.

Books on Writing

Structural Principles of Writing

Common Writing Terms

Term Definition Sample Words  Example
Noun Word or group of words indicating a person, place, or idea The house is quarantined to prevent exposure. 
Verb Word or group of words showing action or a state of being 

ran, show, illustrate, imagine, keep

verb preceded by is, was, are, were

Action - Sally ran to the decontamination shower. 

State of being - He was upset about losing the grant. 

Adjective A word that describes the noun of a sentence

A small child may need growth hormone injections. 

The slow computer didn't finish running the experiment in time. 

Adverb a word that describes the verb; often ending in -ly (but not always) baldly, nearly, closely We nearly matched the tissue sample with the last run. 
Preposition word that illustrates location or another association between a noun or pronoun and other parts of the sentence.  In, of, at, near, etc.  The microscope belonged in Dr. Inman's lab. 
Pronoun Word that takes the place of a noun I, you, he, she, we, they, it She worked hard to get the abstract under 250 words. 
An incomplete sentence Once class was over.