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Basic and Translational Biomedicine (BTB)

About this Guide

This guide was developed for NEOMED's M.S. or PH.D program in Basic and Translational Medicine. Below and to the left you will find helpful resources for using the library's services.  

How do I access NEOMED Library collections when I'm off campus?

All electronic resources are available without authentication while campus at NEOMED.

Authentication is required to view library resources when off-campus, and this includes journal databases.

To locate resources:

  1. Select an appropriate database for your topic (PubMed, Cochrane, PsycINFO, etc) from our A-Z page. Click on the link for a particular database within our A-Z page. 

  2. A new window should open with a login page (pictured below).

  3. At the Login page, type your name and library barcode and click on the Login button. 

off-campus access for our resources screenshot -- showing the fields for last name and library ID/barcode

Enter your name (last name only for most databases). Your library ID number is your student ID number. You’ll need to enter the zeroes; but NOT the @. If you ever forget your ID number, stop by the library or call the Information Desk at 330-325- 6600 during normal business hours.

Click on the following for additional help on finding your Library ID number:

If you need to discover additional resources for your topic, browse from the following resources: