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Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine (IPM)

EndNote Web

EndNote Web is available to the NEOMED community and allows for storage of up to 50,000 references and 2GB of file attachment storage. Please note that EndNote Web only provides basic features in comparison with the desktop version of EndNote software and is primarily designed to work with Web of Science databases. This presents several limitations  when working with citations from non Web of Science databases. For this reason, the NEOMED Library strongly encourages faculty and students to use Zotero instead because it offers highly similar features provided through the paid version of EndNote and offers them for free.

To access the free version of EndNote Web, simply go to (as pictured below) and create a username or enter your existing one. To create an account with the enhanced features of Web of Science integration and more bibliographic output styles, users will need to access EndNote via Web of Science (see second image capture below).

For more information on the features provided by EndNote Web, see the slide-deck in the following section of this page.

EndNote Web Tutorials from Other Sources

EndNote and NLM Style

If you’re using EndNote, keep in mind it’s not an “import it and forget it” tool. You have some things to verify before signing off on the citations since it only knows what you tell it (or what the database tells it). Check the following before finalizing a paper:

  1. Reference type. Make sure each reference in EndNote says “journal article” or whatever it is you’re citing. Sometimes it may come through as a generic reference, or even serial, and the citation will be incorrect. Fixing your reference type will hopefully account for most issues. 
    • ​​Sample journal citation:
      • Ulbrich TR, Dula CAC, Green CG, Porter K, Bennett MS. Factors influencing community pharmacists' enrollment in a state prescription monitoring program. J Am Pharm Assoc. 2010;50(5):588-94.
  2. # of authors included. If over six authors, leave the first 3 in the record and say “et al” afterward.
  3. Year of publication is after the journal abbreviation. 
  4. Your journal title is abbreviated. Search PubMed for the journal title to determine what the abbreviation is. 

Check your results with a standard NLM style citation to ensure the material is all there and correctly formatted. Especially watch for article title translation. Items which should be capitalized are often not (acronyms, program names, etc.)