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Citing Resources

Tips and Tools for properly citing resources

Citation Resources

A commonly asked question is, “How do I cite this?”

Citing resources is essential in academia. It’s an act of scholarship, of attribution, and of academic integrity.

Most often, resources will need to be cited in National Library of Medicine (NLM) or American Psychological Association (APA) styles. Vancouver (Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts) is very similar to NLM, and is the style preferred for publishing in many biomedical journals.

Consider using citation management software when writing your next paper! The library supports the use of EndNote Web through our subscriptions, and strongly encourages the usage of free tools such as Zotero.

Citation Management Guide 

Provides a general overview of different tools, along with tutorials on how to use them. Features tutorials on the following tools:

Journal articles, even if found in PubMed, EBSCO, or another online database, should be cited as journal articles IF: 

  • you can download a PDF of the article, OR
  • the article has page numbers, volume, and issue number in the citation