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This "How Do I" guide answers common library questions, such as how to find information on a topic, request a book, get material from another campus, cite resources, or access information from off-campus!

How to Get Full-Text Journal Articles

NEOMED Library maintains subscriptions to thousands of scholarly resources containing millions of journal articles available online with full-text access. Key subscriptions include Cochrane, MEDLINE, and PsycINFO. To access full-text articles within all of these database subscriptions, use the following search box and the step-by-step tutorials below.

Scholarly & Clinical Resources

Use the following searchbox to access the Library's full-text articles:

Finding Journals using Full Text Finder

  1. Click on this link: AtoZ Journals and Ebooks
  2. Authenticate as a NEOMED affiliate. 
  3. Type in the name of the journal. 
  4. Check for any date embargoes. If one is listed, the most current full-text issue is that old. 
  5. Click on the title of the journal. 
  6. Search the publication for the article title.
  7. Click for the "PDF full-text" OR "HTML full-text" to access the full article. 

Finding Full-Text in the Electronic Journal Center

1. If the article can't be found in our holdings, check the Electronic Journal Center (EJC) from OhioLink!

2. Go to the Electronic Journal Center.

3. Type the journal title and click the Go button.

4. Find the appropriate title and check the holdings information on the right. Select the link if it is available.

5. Browse the listing, matching (in the following order):

  • Year of publication
  • Volume
  • Issue

6. Browse the table of contents to locate the desired article. Click the PDF option if possible, or other full text options.

Finding Full-Text from the Catalog

  1. Search the library catalog (NEOLINK) for the title of the journal.
  2. Select On-Campus or Off-Campus user. 
    1.   You’ll be asked to authenticate if you’re off-campus.
  3. Browse the listing of issues, matching first
    1. Year of publication
    2. Volume
    3. Issue
    4. Page numbers
  4. Click on the title of the article.
  5. Click “PDF Full-Text” or “HTML Full-Text” to see the full article.

Need an article?

If you know the title of the article/item that you are trying to access, then enter it in the following search box. This search box will provide full-text links to our holdings. 

Need full-text access to an article/book that NEOMED Library does not have?

If you are affiliated with NEOMED, you can request journal articles or books via interlibrary loan when NEOMED Library does not already have access to the resource. This interlibrary loan service is provided through ILLIAD. You may register for ILLIAD at NEOMED affiliation will be verified before article requests will be filled. 

Articles will be delivered to your ILLIAD account and will be accessible for 30 days. You are free to download and save a copy of this article in PDF form from your account within those 30 days. Please email with questions. 

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