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Polices for state de-duping

Regional Depositories Print Serials De-duping Guidelines

 The following are the founding guidelines for all of the regional depositories de-duping process with the exception of the Ohio State University (see note).

1.  That one print copy of the fullest run of each serial title will be maintained.  The full run may be segmented and housed at one or more depositories.

2.   That the retained copy will be counted as a local holding by all depositing libraries who owned a copy that was de-duped.

3.   That the retained volumes will be coded in such a way as to identify each volume as a de-duped retained copy.

4.   That a retention statement that meets national standards will be included on OCLC records for each retained journal title.

5.   That the retained volumes will circulate via PCIRC with the same loan period as books (3 weeks for non-faculty, 6 weeks for faculty, 6 renewals).

6.   That the volumes of the retained copy or copies will circulate on regular ILL to non-OhioLINK libraries.

NOTE:  Any of the libraries may make decisions informed by participation in other repository or preservation programs. 
February 2013 (approved by Depository Governing Directors)