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OA & Hybrid Publishing Options

OhioLINK's Wiley Hybrid Agreement

OhioLINK has negotiated an upgraded agreement with Wiley that offers open access publishing benefits for authors at no cost. 

From March 2022 to December 2023, students, faculty, and staff at most OhioLINK member institutions have the ability to publish open access journal articles in 1,400 hybrid journals published by Wiley at no additional cost to either the author or the institution. 

  • The corresponding article author must be affiliated with NEOMED, an OhioLINK member institution.
  • To publish an article as open access in a Wiley hybrid journal without paying any APC, the article must be accepted for publication during the set term dates.
  • After article acceptance, the author is offered an opportunity to publish their article as open access.
  • Fully open (gold) access journals are not eligible for the open access publishing benefits under this deal.