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Instructions for the Session

Instructions for Students

  • As part of the College of Medicine's new Health Systems and Community (HCS) 1 course and the College of Pharmacy's new Interprofessional Education (IPE) 1 course, we will be running the Poverty Simulation with all first-year medicine and pharmacy students.
  • Objectives: At the end of this exercise, students will be able to:
    • Recognize some of the challenges faced by persons living in poverty
    • Discuss how poverty can impact individual, family and community health
    • Articulate how/why interprofessional collaboration across the community (and health system) is necessary to improve health equity

Instructions for Session

  • The Poverty Simulation is an experiential activity that will be conducted on 4 dates, with ¼ of the M1 cohort and ¼ of the P1 cohort participating in each session.  Attendance and active participation is mandatory. Students will be assigned to one of four dates
    • Sept. 24
    • Sept. 26
    • Oct. 3
    • Oct. 31
  • Upon arrival, you will be given instructions as you sign in for the session
  • Casual dress is recommended
  •  Following the activity, students are to construct a 1-2-page typewritten reflective essay on their experience and the themes, issues, or dilemmas (words). See syllabus for more details.