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Anatomical Models and Keys: Anatomy Model Keys

Keys to anatomical models housed in the library

Artery and Vein

Bone Structure

Cardiac Muscle

Eye - Microanatomy

Large Eye Model

Heart Model - Saunders

Base of Head

Head MRI Slices

Brain Stem (SOMSO) - Detailed

Ventricles and Basal Nuclei

Skull with Facial Muscels

Giant Ear

Giant Heart

Heart of America

Kidney - Microanatomy


Skeleton - Articulated


Brain Stem Enlarged 3X

Nerves of the Head

Cranial Layers

Leg Muscles

Left Kidney

Denoyer Liver and Gallbladder

Liver - Microanatomy

MRI Head

Muscle Fiber - Microanatomy

Smooth Muscle - Microstructure

Female Pelvis

Small Liver

Muscles of the Arm