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Clinical Cases - Resources for Faculty

A guide to clinical cases available online and within library books

Online Resources

Search Case Reports by specialty (Anesthesia, Dentistry, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Neurology, OB, Pediatric, Etc.) You can also search by publication dates and altmetrics, and find latest articles). 

Case Reports available through the University of Pittsburgh Department of Pathology. Search for the case of the month or if you scroll down the page, there is a tab called Case Studies click on that. Here you can do a keyword search, a case index by patient history, date or patient diagnosis.

Journals available from PubMED Central

"A free online medical education podcast, medical blog and website." The advisory board includes physicians from the University of Toronto Divisions of Emergency Medicine.

Find clinical cases by specialty or article type.

Wiley Open Access journal includes images, procedural videos and medical case reports. User's can search by category by clicking on the tab called Browse