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Anatomical Models and Keys: Anatomy Models

Keys to anatomical models housed in the library

Available Models

The Ocasek Medical Library Library has a variety of anatomy models that are available for library use only.   Click on an image below for the key to the model.

Giant 3 Part Ear

Full Size Skeleton

Artery and Vein


Cardiac Muscular Sturcture

Eye Microanatomy

Large Eye

Saunders Heart Model

Heart and Diaphragm

Denoyer Geppert Heart

Kidney Microanatomy


Muscle Fiber

Bone Structure

Liver Microanatomy

Female Pelvis on Stand


Base of Head


Small Liver Model

Liver Denoyer Model

Kidney Denoyer Model

Disc/MRI Head

Smooth Muscle

Heart and Lung (Larynx missing)

Brain Stem Enlarged 3X

Nerves of the Head

Brain Stem (SOMSO) - Detailed

Cranial Layers


Ventricles and Basal Nuclei

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