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How Do I?

How do I get the full-text for a journal title that I found when searching in OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center?

  1. If the article can't be found in our holdings, check the Electronic Journal Center (EJC) from OhioLINK!

  2. Go to the Electronic Journal Center.

  3. Type the article title or the journal title and then click the Go button.

  4. If searching for a specific journal title, then go to the section labeled "Find Journals." This will provide a search box where you can enter the title of the journal you are searching for. From the results that come up, simply find the desired title and check years available information on the right. Select the link if it is available for your preferred year.

  5. Browse the listing, matching (in the following order):

    • Year of publication

    • Volume

    • Issue

  6. Browse the table of contents to locate the desired article. Click the PDF option if possible, or other full text options.