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PPC II, PPC V & PEBM Journal Club Assignment Guide: FAQs

This guide is focused on the journal club presentation assignment in the EBM I and II courses.

Who should I contact?

  • Questions about your journal club article - Your small group leader or course directors
  • Questions about the assignment in general - Professor McEwen or Dr. Hoffmaster
  • Group issues or attendance issues - Professor McEwen
  • ExamSoft issues - Alyssa Pryor or Jena James (M1s) or Mary Starbuck (P1s)

The Day of the Session

  • Need help finding your small group room - Meet outside the lecture hall 10-15 minutes before class. Academic Services staff will help you find yor room.
  • Anyone who is ill or unable to attend the session needs to contact Professor McEwen. Your group will give the presentation without you. You will need to schedule an appointment with Professor McEwen to give a solo presentation of the entire journal club presentation.
  • Professional attire is required for the session including wearing your white coat and name badge.
  • Bring your journal club article to the session.