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PPC II & IPE II Clinical Question Presentation Assignment Guide: FAQs

This guide provides instructions for the EBM II clinical question presentation assignment.

Grading Information

  • The assignment is worth 54 points.
  • You will receive a small group grade.
  • If you have two small group leaders, one small group leader will be the official grader. The second small group leader will provide formative feedback.
  • The graded rubric can be accessed via ExamSoft.
  • You must receive a 70% or greater (38 pts = 70%) to pass the assignment. You must pass the assignment to pass the course.
  • Assignment retake: Group will the same presentation to the course directors.

Who to Contact

  • Questions about the assignment - Professor McEwen and Dr. Lehmier
  • Questions about ExamSoft - Assessment team
  • Questions about honoraria, paperwork, contact information, etc.   - Alyssa Pryor (COM) & Mary Starbuck (COP)

Assignment Requirements

  • See  supporting documents for more detailed instructions.
  • Groups may divide the oral presentation however they would like. Everyone should participate in the oral presentation.

Day of the Session

  • Bring a paper copy of your written submission to class. Give it to your small group leader at the beginning of the session.
  • Email Professor McEwen an electronic copy of your written submission.
  • White coats, name badges, and professional attire required for the session.

After the Session

You will be sent an email from ExamSoft for the peer evaluation. You will evaluate your fellow small group members. Your will receive a passing grade for completing the peer evaluation.